How much can I sell my Bellingham home for in todays market?

How much can I sell my Bellingham Washington home for in today’s market?

There are many considerations in determining the actual value of your home in the Bellingham Market today. Bellingham has the strongest market of the all cities and towns of Skagit County including Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Sedro Woolley. There are many factors which lead up to this and the best way to determine your value “off-hand” is on real estate sites like and . This may provide a basic valuation of your home.

Zillow and Trulia are what I call “broad gauge estimates of value because the condition of your home is unknown to them as well as the number and type of upgrades you have completed. The best method to determine the value of your home is by a real estate agent’s opinion of value. Most agents (including myself) will provide a free comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home. I suggest you contact three agents for a CMA and compare them. All agents are willing to prepare a CMA for you because they anticipate listing your home for sale.

Be careful of agents who prepare an unrealistic CMA with an unrealistic price in hopes of listing your home and reducing the price later on. Check out the comparable sold homes in your CMA as well as the active, pending, and expired Bellingham homes for sale. The solds provide you with today’s value; the actives show you your competition; the pendings show you where the market is today; and the expireds are an indication of over-pricing or some other condition.

Agents are the best source to determine value because they are in the market and view most of the homes before they sell. With that knowledge they are better prepared to place you home in the proper category. It is not uncommon for Licensed Real Estate Appraisers to call agents regarding recent sales, the overall condition of the home, and if there were any concessions in the sale. I cannot express my concern over pricing your home right.

If you overprice your home you will experience the following:

  • The home will not sell within the first 30-days or perhaps not at all.
  • You may be required to reduce the price to get it sold.
  • Reducing the price may put you in the “short sale” category.
  • When you finally sell you will sell your home for less than what it would have sold for if you priced it right in the first place and it took much longer to sell.
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Get A Home Value Report

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Are you looking to sell now or in the near future? If so, the first and most important factor to get a grasp of before deciding to put your home on the market is, ‘what will you net from a sale today?’

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